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Banners PRO by date
  • Banners PRO by date
  • Banners PRO by date
  • Banners PRO by date

Banners PRO by date


According to the settings, the module will display banners for the selected languages ​​and days.

Verze modulu: 1.1.4

* E-mail support + free updates are offered for the module
* If you want to get the module express, I will send the module to you immediately against payment confirmation
* Individual modification of the module is possible after agreement
* One license of the module is valid for 1 e-shop (1 domain)
* Number in cart = number of domains
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How to pay and download the module?
Licence conditions

Prestashop module, which automatically displays the banner in your chosen hanging on the page according to the date, day of the week and e-shop settings.

Ability to add an unlimited number of banners.

The module will make your work easier.

You set it up once and everything happens automatically without your intervention.

You can set banners for several years in advance.

Setting options for each banner separately:

  1. enable/disable banners
  2. upload any image as a banner especially for computer and especially for mobile
  3. set the alignment on the page
  4. insert a link to the page to click the banner
  5. choose the language for which the banner will be displayed
  6. insert the description of the banner, which will serve as the Alt text of the image (if no image is uploaded, this text will be displayed)
  7. select hanging on the page where the banner will be displayed
  8. option to add custom suspension "hook"
  9. display of the banner within the date range, including deactivation of the function
  10. display of the banner on selected days of the week, including deactivation of the function
  11. banner display in the selected store

The module also contains a table with a list of your saved banners, including filtering in the table with preset values.

The module is installed as a regular Prestashop module, no manual modifications are needed in the appearance templates.

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