Product License Terms

The license applies to one purchased product, i.e. each license is valid for one production website ( eshop /domain).

The validity of the license is unlimited and is negotiated for an indefinite period.

The owner of the copyright and intellectual rights is the creator of the products and belongs to the supplier of the product as the creator of the product.

The customer can only use as many products/licenses as he has duly paid according to the agreed conditions. Products and licenses can be used according to the agreed conditions.

The temporary operation of individual purchased products is also possible on the test PCs of the license owner or on the test e- shop for the period absolutely necessary for testing (but a maximum of 7 days, after which the product must be removed). The customer is obliged to report the test site to the supplier by e-mail to the e- mail address without undue delay.

The license price includes 12 months of support and free updates. If the customer still requires updates/support after this time, the product must be purchased again. The price does not include additional and individual modifications, additional services related to the operation of the product.

The customer cannot offer, provide, sell, mediate, copy, display for download, or in any other possible way offer the product to third parties free of charge or for a fee.

The only sales channel is the e- shop

The product may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions.

The supplier has the right to active and passive control of compliance with license terms and copyrights.

In the event that the customer interferes with copyright infringement, the supplier has the right to a contractual fine of CZK 100,000. The maturity of the contractual penalty is governed by the delivery of the call for payment of the contractual penalty within 10 working days of delivery.

Payment of the contractual penalty does not extinguish the right to compensation for damage caused by interference with copyrights incurred by the creator. In particular, refraining from further infringements of copyrights, the right to provide information on the manner and extent of unauthorized use of the product and the right to remove the consequences of infringements of copyrights, including the provision of adequate satisfaction and the issuance of any unjustified enrichment.

If the customer violates the license agreement, the creator will demand financial compensation in the event of lost profit.

At Honolulu on 1/1/2023